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Grades 3-5

Biggest Names in Music

Biggest Names in Sports
(5 Sets)

Building by Design

Canine Athletes

Civilizations of the World


Core Library Guide to COVID-19

Cutting-Edge Technology

Detecting Disasters

Engineering Challenges

Engineering for Disaster

Engineering the Human Body

Expansion of Our Nation

Exploring America’s Regions

Finding Dinosaurs

Foundations of Our Nation


Freedom’s Promise

Game On!

Haunted States of America
(2 Sets)

How It Works

I Am America
(2 Sets)

Inside College Football

Inside Technology

Inside the NFL

The Long-Lost Secret Diary

Mac’s Sports Report

Major Battles in US History

Natural Phenomena

Natural Wonders of the World

NBA All-Time Greats

News Literacy

Nutrition and Your Body


PrimeTime: NHL Stars

PrimeTime: Superstar Quarterbacks

Privacy in the Digital Age

Pro Sports Stars

Rising Stars
(2 Sets)

Robot Innovations

Saving Earth’s Biomes

Science Squad
(2 Sets)

Season Ticket
(2 Sets)

Season Ticket: Teams

Second Chance Ranch (2 Sets)

She’s Got Game

Sports Dynasties

STEM in Sports

STEM in the Greatest Sports Events

Super Soccer


Team Earth

Technology Inspired by Nature

The Animal Files

The Histronauts

The Outdoors

Unconventional Science


What Happened?
(2 Sets)

World’s Greatest Soccer Players

Xtreme Rescues


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