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Copyright: 2022
Reading Level: Grades K-1
Interest Level: Grades PreK-1
Dewey: 400
Trim Size: 8 x 8
Page Count: 24

Alphabet Fun

This fun series provides a simple introduction to the letters of the alphabet and is perfect for emergent and beginning readers. Vibrant photos closely match the text to build vocabulary. Each book includes a table of contents, a picture glossary, and an index. This Little Blue Readers series is at Level 1, aligned to reading levels of grades PreK–1 and interest levels of grades PreK–2.

Book title ATOS GRL ISBN Price
Alphabet Fun
(Set of 26)
TBD A, B, C, D 978‑1‑64619‑391‑2 $232.70
A is for Apple
TBD C 978‑1‑64619‑392‑9 $8.95
B is for Banana
TBD A 978‑1‑64619‑393‑6 $8.95
C is for Cat
TBD C 978‑1‑64619‑394‑3 $8.95
D is for Duck
TBD A 978‑1‑64619‑395‑0 $8.95
E is for Elephant
TBD C 978‑1‑64619‑396‑7 $8.95
F is for Fish
TBD A 978‑1‑64619‑397‑4 $8.95
G is for Giraffe
TBD C 978‑1‑64619‑398‑1 $8.95
H is for Hippo
TBD B 978‑1‑64619‑399‑8 $8.95
I is for Ice Cream
TBD C 978‑1‑64619‑400‑1 $8.95
J is for Jam
TBD D 978‑1‑64619‑401‑8 $8.95
K is for Kite
TBD A 978‑1‑64619‑402‑5 $8.95
L is for Leaf
TBD B 978‑1‑64619‑403‑2 $8.95
M is for Monkey
TBD A 978‑1‑64619‑404‑9 $8.95
N is for Nest
TBD B 978‑1‑64619‑405‑6 $8.95
O is for Owl
TBD C 978‑1‑64619‑406‑3 $8.95
P is for Pumpkin
TBD A 978‑1‑64619‑407‑0 $8.95
Q is for Queen
TBD D 978‑1‑64619‑408‑7 $8.95
R is for Rabbit
TBD B 978‑1‑64619‑409‑4 $8.95
S is for Star
TBD A 978‑1‑64619‑410‑0 $8.95
T is for Tiger
TBD B 978‑1‑64619‑411‑7 $8.95
U is for Umbrella
TBD C 978‑1‑64619‑412‑4 $8.95
V is for Valentine
TBD D 978‑1‑64619‑413‑1 $8.95
W is for Web
TBD B 978‑1‑64619‑414‑8 $8.95
X is for Xylophone
TBD D 978‑1‑64619‑415‑5 $8.95
Y is for Yarn
TBD D 978‑1‑64619‑416‑2 $8.95
Z is for Zebra
TBD D 978‑1‑64619‑417‑9 $8.95

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