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Copyright: 2022
Reading Level: Grades 2-3
Interest Level: Grades 2-5
Dewey: 595-636
Trim Size: 8×10
Page Count: 32

Animal Idioms

Animals make learning about language and the natural world fun! Are bees really busy? Are dogs really lazy? Animal Idioms investigates the truth behind common expressions by examining the unique characteristics and behaviors of each animal.

Book title LXL ISBN Price
Animal Idioms (Set of 8)
710L-820L 978-1-64494-643-5 $79.60
720L 978-1-64494-644-2 $9.95
Busy as a Bee
710L 978-1-64494-645-9 $9.95
760L 978-1-64494-646-6 $9.95
Lazy as a Dog
820L 978-1-64494-647-3 $9.95
Monkey See, Monkey Do
750L 978-1-64494-648-0 $9.95
Sly as a Fox
770L 978-1-64494-649-7 $9.95
Strong as an Ox
730L 978-1-64494-650-3 $9.95
Stubborn as a Mule
710L 978-1-64494-651-0 $9.95

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