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Copyright: 2024
Reading Level: Grades 2–3
Interest Level: Grades 3–5
Dewey: 590
Trim Size: 7 x 9
Page Count: 32

Animal Migrations

Many types of animals travel long distances during their lives, often for food or breeding. This informative series highlights eight kinds of migration, exploring the great journeys of our natural world. Each book also features an “Animal Spotlight” special feature, fun facts, a table of contents, a reading comprehension quiz, a glossary, additional resources, and an index. This Focus Readers series is at the Beacon level, aligned to reading levels of grades 2-3 and interest levels of grades 3-5.

Book title GRL ISBN Price
Animal Migrations (Set of 8)
P 978-1-63739-660-5 $79.60
Bat Migration
P 978-1-63739-661-2 $9.95
Bird Migration
P 978-1-63739-662-9 $9.95
Deer and Antelope Migration
P 978-1-63739-663-6 $9.95
Fish Migration
P 978-1-63739-664-3 $9.95
Insect Migration
P 978-1-63739-665-0 $9.95
Reptile Migration
P 978-1-63739-666-7 $9.95
Whale Migration
P 978-1-63739-667-4 $9.95
Wolf Migration
P 978-1-63739-668-1 $9.95

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