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Copyright: 2017
Reading Level: Grades 2-3
Interest Level: Grades 3-5
Dewey: 590
Trim Size: 7 x 9
Page Count: 32

Animals of North America

Animals of North America provides an in-depth look into ten native North American animals. Each book introduces readers to the life, diet, habitat, behavior, and physical description of the animal. Vivid photographs and visual aids, such as a range map, life cycle diagram, and body features diagram, aid readers in learning. A special reading feature at the end of each book asks readers to reflect on the topic and expand on their newly learned knowledge.

Book title F&P LXL ISBN Price
Animals of North America
(Set of 10)
O 560-770 978-1-63517-093-1 $99.50
American Alligators
O 710 978-1-63517-083-2 $9.95
American Beavers
O 610 978-1-63517-084-9 $9.95
American Bison
O 760 978-1-63517-085-6 $9.95
American Black Bears
O 770 978-1-63517-086-3 $9.95
Bald Eagles
O 560 978-1-63517-087-0 $9.95
Bighorn Sheep
O 760 978-1-63517-088-7 $9.95
O 710 978-1-63517-089-4 $9.95
O 620 978-1-63517-090-0 $9.95
O 640 978-1-63517-091-7 $9.95
Mountain Lions
O 770 978-1-63517-092-4 $9.95


“Solid overviews worth considering.” — School Library Journal

“With a clean, spacious design, a typical spread pairs accessible text with a large photo, diagram, or map … making these books appropriate learning tools for the classroom or research projects.” — Booklist

“This very readable and interesting series proves that factual information doesn’t have to be boring. An exceptional addition to children’s nonfiction collections.” —School Library Connection

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