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Big Machines

Copyright: 2021
Reading Level: Grades K-1
Interest Level: Grades K-1
Dewey: 380-388
Trim Size: 7 x 9
Page Count: 16

Big Machines

People have created all kinds of vehicles and machines. Each one has different parts and does different jobs. This series introduces early readers to several big and impressive machines, as well as the ways people use them.

Book title F&P LXL ATOS ISBN Price
Big Machines (Set of 8)
G TBD TBD 978‑1‑64493‑704‑4 $55.60
Big Machines for Fire and Rescue
G TBD TBD 978‑1‑64493‑705‑1 $6.95
Big Machines in Space
G TBD TBD 978‑1‑64493‑706‑8 $6.95
Big Machines in the Air
G TBD TBD 978‑1‑64493‑707‑5 $6.95
Big Machines in the City
G TBD TBD 978‑1‑64493‑708‑2 $6.95
Big Machines in the Military
G TBD TBD 978‑1‑64493‑709‑9 $6.95
Big Machines on the Farm
G TBD TBD 978‑1‑64493‑710‑5 $6.95
Big Machines on the Water
G TBD TBD 978‑1‑64493‑711‑2 $6.95
Big Machines That Build
G TBD TBD 978‑1‑64493‑712‑9 $6.95

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