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Copyright: 2022
Reading Level: Grades 3-4
Interest Level: Grades 3-6
Dewey: Fiction
Trim Size: 5.25×7.5
Page Count: 112

Cole Champion: STEM Superhero

As the only “normal” at a school for the superpowered, Cole Champion is often challenged to prove why he deserves to be there. But with the help of his robot Sidekick and fellow STEM lover Mireya Morales, can he save the day his own way?

Book title LXL ISBN Price
Cole Champion: STEM Superhero (Set of 2)
760 - 800 978-1-63163-584-7 $13.98
Cole Champion Is Not Super
800 978-1-63163-588-5 $6.99
Cole Champion Takes On the Villains
760 978-1-63163-592-2 $6.99

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