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Copyright: 2021
Reading Level: Grade 4-5
Interest Level: Grades 4-8
Dewey: TBD
Trim Size: 7 x 9
Page Count: 48

Core Library Guide to COVID-19

In late 2019, health officials noticed a new disease spreading in Wuhan, China. They named it COVID-19. Within a few months, it became a pandemic that dramatically changed life for nearly everyone on Earth. Millions of people became sick, and hundreds of thousands died. Leaders ordered whole states and countries to stay home to slow the disease’s spread. Companies closed or went out of business. Meanwhile, health-care workers on the front lines saved lives and raced to find treatments. In the Core Library Guide to COVID-19, readers will learn about the disease, how it spread across the globe, and the ways it has changed society.

Book title LXL ATOS ISBN Price
Core Library Guide to COVID-19 (Set of 6)
720L-830L NOT AR 978‑1‑64494‑499‑8 $59.70
The Economic Impact of COVID-19
770L NOT AR 978‑1‑64494‑500‑1 $9.95
Flattening the Curve
830L NOT AR 978‑1‑64494‑501‑8 $9.95
Frontline Heroes
830L NOT AR 978‑1‑64494‑502‑5 $9.95
The Spread of COVID-19
770L NOT AR 978‑1‑64494‑503‑2 $9.95
Understanding COVID-19
720L NOT AR 978‑1‑64494‑504‑9 $9.95
World Leaders during COVID-19
750L NOT AR 978‑1‑64494‑505‑6 $9.95

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