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Copyright: 2017
Reading Level: Grades 3-5
Interest Level: Grades 4-7
Dewey: 550
Trim Size: 7 x 9
Page Count: 32

Detecting Disasters

Detecting Disasters examines how scientists keep people safe by predicting and studying natural disasters. Each book covers the science behind the disaster, notable examples from the past, and the cutting-edge technology scientists are using today. This exciting series will introduce readers to the lifesaving power of science.

Book title F&P LXL ISBN Price
Detecting Disasters (Set of 8)
R, S 660-930 978-1-63517-064-1 $79.60
Detecting Avalanches
R 930 978-1-63517-056-6 $9.95
Detecting Earthquakes
R 810 978-1-63517-057-3 $9.95
Detecting Floods
R 660 978-1-63517-058-0 $9.95
Detecting Hurricanes
R 900 978-1-63517-059-7 $9.95
Detecting Tornadoes
R 830 978-1-63517-060-3 $9.95
Detecting Tsunamis
R 840 978-1-63517-061-0 $9.95
Detecting Volcanic Eruptions
S 920 978-1-63517-062-7 $9.95
Detecting Wildfires
R 830 978-1-63517-063-4 $9.95


“Teachers building science curricula may want the entire set to make comparisons and connections among volumes, although each book stands alone for collections needing to supplement only specific subject areas.” — School Library Journal

“The already interesting topic of natural disasters becomes even more fascinating in this made-for-teaching series. All titles would be a great fit for libraries or classrooms.” — School Library Connection

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