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Copyright: 2019
Reading Level: Grade K
Interest Level: Grades PreK-2
Dewey: 6.4
Trim Size: 9.5 x 8.75
Page Count: 24

¡Diseños divertidos!
(Patterns Are Fun!)

This series teaches readers that patterns are all around them and that they are fun! Text and images complement each other so that readers learn what patterns can be and how to recognize them when they look at everyday things.

Book title LXL ATOS GRL ISBN Price
¡Diseños divertidos!
(Patterns Are Fun!) (Set of 6)
210-360 1.3-1.7 E 978-1-64185-714-7 $53.70
Diseños en la escuela
(Patterns at School)
260 1.3 E 978-1-64185-715-4 $8.95
Diseños en el parque
(Patterns at the Park)
340 1.6 E 978-1-64185-716-1 $8.95
Diseños en el zoo
(Patterns at the Zoo)
330 1.5 E 978-1-64185-717-8 $8.95
Diseños en la naturaleza
(Patterns in Nature)
210 1.6 E 978-1-64185-718-5 $8.95
Diseños en los deportes
(Patterns in Sports)
360 1.7 E 978-1-64185-719-2 $8.95
Diseños en la ciudad
(Patterns in the City)
280 1.6 E 978-1-64185-720-8 $8.95


“Translations are of high quality, and words and pictures correspond seamlessly. Readers will love relating their favorite everyday objects and experiences to the patterns in these interactive and visually captivating books.” – School Library Journal

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