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Copyright: 2021
Reading Level: Grade 2
Interest Level: Grades K-4
Dewey: 358-791
Trim Size: 6.25 x 9
Page Count: 24

Fierce Jobs

Most people arrive at their tidy desks at 8:00 a.m. each day, and others jump out of airplanes to rescue others or face violent seas to catch fish. Each title in this series will introduce a fierce job, the people who take it on, and what each day might entail. This series is written specifically for emerging readers. Aligned to Common Core standards & correlated to state standards.

Book title LXL ATOS GRL ISBN Price
Fierce Jobs
(Set of 6)
TBD TBD TBD 978‑1‑64494‑402‑8 $47.70
Air Force Pararescue
TBD TBD TBD 978‑1‑64494‑403‑5 $7.95
Deep-Sea Fishermen
TBD TBD TBD 978‑1‑64494‑404‑2 $7.95
Search and Rescue
TBD TBD TBD 978‑1‑64494‑405‑9 $7.95
TBD TBD TBD 978‑1‑64494‑406‑6 $7.95
Storm Chasers
TBD TBD TBD 978‑1‑64494‑407‑3 $7.95
Stunt Performers
TBD TBD TBD 978‑1‑64494‑408‑0 $7.95

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