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Copyright: 2019
Reading Level: Grade K
Interest Level: Grades PreK-2
Dewey: 598-599
Trim Size: 9.5 x 8.75
Page Count: 24

Grupos de animales (Animal Groups)

What’s cooler than a lion pride? What’s cuter than a flock of macaws? This series is packed with exciting facts about social animals, like why living together in groups makes them safer and stronger. Complete with simple text and beautiful photographs. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards.

Book title LXL ATOS GRL ISBN Price
Grupos de animales
(Animal Groups) (Set of 6)
200-360 1-1.4 D, E 978-1-64185-700-0 $53.70
Manada de babuinos
(Baboon Troop)
200 1.1 D 978-1-64185-701-7 $8.95
Colonia de castores
(Beaver Colony)
250 1.4 D 978-1-64185-702-4 $8.95
Manada de leones (Lion Pride)
360 1 D 978-1-64185-703-1 $8.95
Bandada de guacamayos
(Macaw Flock)
210 1.4 D 978-1-64185-704-8 $8.95
Manada de orcas
(Orca Whale Pod)
250 1.3 E 978-1-64185-705-5 $8.95
Manada de lobos
(Wolf Pack)
250 1.2 D 978-1-64185-706-2 $8.95

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