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How I Feel

Copyright: 2021
Reading Level: Grades K-1
Interest Level: Grades PreK-2
Dewey: 150
Trim Size: 8 x 8
Page Count: 24

How I Feel

People experience a wide range of emotions. These high-interest texts foster emotional intelligence in young readers, exploring common causes, responses, and coping skills to various emotions. Each book includes easy-to-read text and vibrant photos, making this series a great choice for beginning readers.

Book title ATOS GRL ISBN Price
How I Feel (Set of 8)
NOT AR D, E, F, G, H 978‑1‑64619‑310‑3 $71.60
I Feel Afraid
NOT AR F 978‑1‑64619‑311‑0 $8.95
I Feel Angry
NOT AR E 978‑1‑64619‑312‑7 $8.95
I Feel Bored
NOT AR G 978‑1‑64619‑313‑4 $8.95
I Feel Excited
NOT AR F 978‑1‑64619‑314‑1 $8.95
I Feel Happy
NOT AR D 978‑1‑64619‑315‑8 $8.95
I Feel Lonely
NOT AR H 978‑1‑64619‑316‑5 $8.95
I Feel Sad
NOT AR E 978‑1‑64619‑317‑2 $8.95
I Feel Worried
NOT AR H 978‑1‑64619‑318‑9 $8.95


“These beautiful books will be perfect for parents working to correct spontaneous behaviors resulting from strong emotions. A highly recommended series for school and public libraries that need books on emotions.”  — School Library Journal

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