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Copyright: 2023
Reading Level: Grades K-1
Interest Level: Grades PreK-2
Dewey: 636
Trim Size: 8×8
Page Count: 24

I Got a Pet!

A pet can be a wonderful addition to a family, and this adorable series offers young readers a look at ten of the most popular animals. Each book discusses the animal’s behavior along with the type of care that owners must provide. Each book includes simple text and vibrant photos, making this series a perfect choice for beginning readers. Each book also has a table of contents, picture glossary, and index. This Little Blue Readers series is at Level 2, aligned to reading levels of grades K-1 and interest levels of grades PreK-2.

Book title GRL ISBN Price
I Got a Pet! (Set of 10)
D-H 978-1-64619-583-1 $89.50
My Pet Bird
E 978-1-64619-611-1 $8.95
My Pet Cat
D 978-1-64619-585-5 $8.95
My Pet Dog
D 978-1-64619-586-2 $8.95
My Pet Ferret
G 978-1-64619-587-9 $8.95
My Pet Fish
E 978-1-64619-588-6 $8.95
My Pet Guinea Pig
H 978-1-64619-589-3 $8.95
My Pet Hamster
F 978-1-64619-590-9 $8.95
My Pet Lizard
H 978-1-64619-591-6 $8.95
My Pet Rabbit
F 978-1-64619-592-3 $8.95
My Pet Snake
G 978-1-64619-593-0 $8.95

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