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Copyright: 2021
Reading Level: Grade 4
Interest Level: Grades 4-6
Dewey: 796
Trim Size: 7 x 9
Page Count: 48

Inside College Football

Every autumn, Saturdays belong to college football. Passionate fans pack stadiums across the country. Millions more watch on live television. But the pageantry and traditions of college football are nothing new. Football teams have been representing colleges for more than a century. Inside College Football takes readers through the histories of some of the greatest programs, from the lowest lows to the biggest bowl victories. With fascinating facts and statistics as well as a glossary and more, Inside College Football will get you up to speed on some of the best college football teams of all time.

Book title LXL ATOS GRL ISBN Price
Inside College Football (Set of 8)
TBD TBD TBD 978‑1‑64494‑463‑9 $79.60
Alabama Crimson Tide
TBD TBD TBD 978‑1‑64494‑464‑6 $9.95
Auburn Tigers
TBD TBD TBD 978‑1‑64494‑465‑3 $9.95
Clemson Tigers
TBD TBD TBD 978‑1‑64494‑466‑0 $9.95
LSU Tigers
TBD TBD TBD 978‑1‑64494‑467‑7 $9.95
Notre Dame Fighting Irish
TBD TBD TBD 978‑1‑64494‑468‑4 $9.95
Ohio State Buckeyes
TBD TBD TBD 978‑1‑64494‑469‑1 $9.95
Oklahoma Sooners
TBD TBD TBD 978‑1‑64494‑470‑7 $9.95
Texas Longhorns
TBD TBD TBD 978‑1‑64494‑471‑4 $9.95

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