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Copyright: 2022
Reading Level: Grades 3-4
Interest Level: Grades 3-6
Trim Size: 5.25 x 7.5
Page Count: 72

Jett Ryder

Get set . . . for Jett! Jett Ryder is the biggest name in freestyle motocross stunts. Not only can he pull off the biggest air and most death-defying tricks, but his stunts are in extreme places: Niagara Falls, the Space Needle, Mount Etna—even over the wreck of the Titanic. Plus, he’s only twelve years old.

Book title LXL ATOS ISBN Price
Jett Ryder (Set of 4)
TBD NOT AR 978‑1‑63163‑543‑4 $23.96
Mount Etna Lava Leap
TBD NOT AR 978‑1‑63163‑547‑2 $5.99
Niagara Power Flip
TBD NOT AR 978‑1‑63163‑551‑9 $5.99
Soaring Over the Titanic
TBD NOT AR 978‑1‑63163‑555‑7 $5.99
Threading the Space Needle
TBD NOT AR 978‑1‑63163‑559‑5 $5.99

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