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Copyright: 2023
Reading Level: Grades PreK–1
Interest Level: Grades PreK–2
Dewey: 590 – 796
Trim Size: 8 x 8
Page Count: 16

Las cosas que me gustan
(Things I Like)

Some people like dancing or building. Others like cats and dogs. This high-interest series will help young readers explore the things they like. Each book also has a table of contents, picture glossary, and index. This Little Blue Readers series is at Level 1, aligned to reading levels of grades PreK-1 and interest levels of grades PreK-2.

Book title GRL ISBN Price
Las cosas que me gustan
(Things I Like) (Set of 8)
TBD 978-1-64619-713-2 $63.60
Me gusta bailar (I Like to Dance)
TBD 978-1-64619-714-9 $7.95
Me gusta construir (I Like to Build)
TBD 978-1-64619-715-6 $7.95
Me gusta el baloncesto
(I Like Basketball)
TBD 978-1-64619-716-3 $7.95
Me gusta el futbol (I Like Soccer)
TBD 978-1-64619-717-0 $7.95
Me gusta pintar (I Like to Paint)
TBD 978-1-64619-718-7 $7.95
Me gustan los caballos (I Like Horses)
TBD 978-1-64619-719-4 $7.95
Me gustan los gatos (I Like Cats)
TBD 978-1-64619-720-0 $7.95
Me gustan los perros (I Like Dogs)
TBD 978-1-64619-721-7 $7.95

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