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Copyright: 2022
Reading Level: Grades 1-2
Interest Level: Grades 1-3
Dewey: 580-590
Trim Size: 7 x 9
Page Count: 24

Life Cycles

All organisms go through changes during their lives. However, these changes can look very different from species to species. This informative series gives simple explanations of the life cycles of eight organisms, including the stages of development and changes each organism goes through to become an adult. Each book includes a table of contents, one infographic, informative sidebars, a “That’s Amazing!” special feature, quiz questions, a glossary, additional resources, and an index. This Focus Readers series is at the Pioneer level, aligned to reading levels of grades 1–2 and interest levels of grades 1–3.

Book title F&P LXL ATOS ISBN Price
Life Cycles (Set of 8)
L-M 390-490 2-2.4 978-1-64493-871-3 $71.60
Life Cycle of a Butterfly
L 490 2.4 978-1-64493-872-0 $8.95
Life Cycle of a Chicken
L 440 2.1 978-1-64493-873-7 $8.95
Life Cycle of a Frog
M 400 2.2 978-1-64493-874-4 $8.95
Life Cycle of a Pea Plant
L 460 2.2 978-1-64493-875-1 $8.95
Life Cycle of a Pine Tree
L 450 2.2 978-1-64493-876-8 $8.95
Life Cycle of a Rabbit
L 390 2 978-1-64493-877-5 $8.95
Life Cycle of a Salmon
L 460 2.2 978-1-64493-878-2 $8.95
Life Cycle of a Turtle
L 460 2.3 978-1-64493-879-9 $8.95

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