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Copyright: 2024
Reading Level: Grades 1–3
Interest Level: Grades K–3
Dewey: Fiction
Trim Size: 6 x 9
Page Count: 48

Maria and Mateo Take the Stage

Theater kids Maria and Mateo are two talented second graders who love the spotlight. But they soon find that theater is not only fun–it can also teach important life lessons. Join these high-spirited cousins as they learn how to improvise through life’s plot twists to shine both onstage and off.

Book title GRL ISBN Price
Maria and Mateo Take the Stage (Set of 4)
I 978-1-63163-727-8 $39.96
Stage Fright!: Book 1
I 978-1-63163-730-8 $9.99
Practice Makes (Almost) Perfect: Book 2
I 978-1-63163-734-6 $9.99
Lights, Jazz Hands, Action: Book 3
I 978-1-63163-738-4 $9.99
Curtain Call: Book 4
I 978-1-63163-742-1 $9.99

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