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Copyright: 2020
Reading Level: Grade K
Interest Level: Grades PreK-2
Dewey: 597-599
Trim Size: 9.5 x 8.75
Page Count: 24

Mini Animals

Who can resist a mini animal? These simple and adorable titles take a look at some of the most impossibly small species in the world! Easy language paired with fun and colorful photographs make this series a must-read! Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards.

Book title LXL ATOS ISBN Price
Mini Animals (Set of 6)
TBD TBD 978‑1‑64494‑299‑4 $47.70
African Pygmy Hedgehog
TBD TBD 978‑1‑64494‑300‑7 $7.95
Dwarf Caiman
TBD TBD 978‑1‑64494‑301‑4 $7.95
Fennec Fox
TBD TBD 978‑1‑64494‑302‑1 $7.95
Little Penguin
TBD TBD 978‑1‑64494‑303‑8 $7.95
Leaf Chameleon
TBD TBD 978‑1‑64494‑304‑5 $7.95
Pygmy Marmoset
TBD TBD 978‑1‑64494‑305‑2 $7.95

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