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Copyright: 2019
Reading Level: Grade 1
Interest Level: Grades K-3
Dewey: 551 – 629
Trim Size: 7.25 x 8.5
Page Count: 24

Science Questions

This series offers simple explanations to some of kids’ most pressing science-related questions. Students learn about the basic science behind flight, rainbows, migration, and more. Labeled diagrams and fun facts further young readers’ learning.

Book title LXL GRL ISBN Price
Science Questions
(Set of 8)
440 - 490 I, J, K 978-1-64185-583-9 $71.60
How Do Airplanes Stay Up?
450 K 978-1-64185-584-6 $8.95
What Are Clouds Made Of?
440 I 978-1-64185-585-3 $8.95
What Makes a Rainbow?
460 J 978-1-64185-586-0 $8.95
Why Do Birds Fly South for Winter?
490 J 978-1-64185-587-7 $8.95
Why Do Camels Have Humps?
490 J 978-1-64185-588-4 $8.95
Why Do Spiders Make Webs?
460 J 978-1-64185-589-1 $8.95
Why Is the Ocean Salty?
460 J 978-1-64185-590-7 $8.95
Why Is the Sky Blue?
470 J 978-1-64185-591-4 $8.95


What Are Clouds Made Of? — “Children are naturally curious about the world, and the Science Questions series tackles many popular topics with simplicity and clarity. The QR codes lead to publisher hosted videos, activities, and links, which aid in making “big” scientific concepts accessible to primary-grade readers.” — Booklist

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