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Copyright: 2018
Reading Level: Grades 2–3
Interest Level: Grades 3–5
Dewey: 790
Trim Size: 7 x 9
Page Count: 32

Sports Build Character

Sports Build Character reveals eight empowering character traits that young athletes can build on and off the field. Filled with true stories of top athletes, each title defines and illustrates a different character trait while inspiring readers to live out the trait in their day-to-day lives.

Book title F&P LXL ATOS ISBN Price
Sports Build Character
(Set of 8)
O 550 - 670 NOT AR-3.7 978-1-63517-609-4 $79.60
Caring in Sports
O 580 NOT AR 978-1-63517-601-8 $9.95
Citizenship in Sports
O 670 3.7 978-1-63517-602-5 $9.95
Courage in Sports
O 550 NOT AR 978-1-63517-603-2 $9.95
Fairness in Sports
O 570 NOT AR 978-1-63517-604-9 $9.95
Perseverance in Sports
O 550 NOT AR 978-1-63517-605-6 $9.95
Respect in Sports
O 640 NOT AR 978-1-63517-606-3 $9.95
Responsibility in Sports
O 590 NOT AR 978-1-63517-607-0 $9.95
Trustworthiness in Sports
O 640 NOT AR 978-1-63517-608-7 $9.95


“A thoughtful series to encourage sportsmanship among hyper-competitive kids. Sure to be a hit with teachers and students.” — School Library Journal

Citizenship in Sports — A 2018 Junior Library Guild Selection

Caring in Sports — “A key component of good sportsmanship is caring about one’s teammates and even opponents, and readers will see many real-world examples of this on display in this installment in the Sports Build Character series.” — Booklist

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