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Copyright: 2020
Reading Level: Grades 5-6
Interest Level: Grades 5-9
Dewey: 970
Trim Size: 7 x 9
Page Count: 48

The Civil War

The Civil War is one of the most complicated and controversial events in US history. This series focuses on key events and ideas that shaped the course of the war and its aftermath. Each title gives readers an up-close look at one topic, explaining the historical context it emerged from as well as how it impacted the future.

Book title F&P LXL ISBN Price
The Civil War (Set of 8)
X 720-780 978-1-64493-156-1 $79.60
Black Soldiers in the Civil War
X 780 978-1-64493-157-8 $9.95
Early Battles of the Civil War
X 740 978-1-64493-158-5 $9.95
The Emancipation Proclamation
X 770 978-1-64493-159-2 $9.95
The Formation of the Confederacy
X 720 978-1-64493-160-8 $9.95
John Brown and the Harpers Ferry Raid
X 740 978-1-64493-161-5 $9.95
X 770 978-1-64493-162-2 $9.95
Sherman’s March to the Sea
X 780 978-1-64493-163-9 $9.95
Turning Points of the Civil War
X 770 978-1-64493-164-6 $9.95

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