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Copyright: 2020
Reading Level: Grades 1-3
Interest Level: Ages 6-8
Dewey: Fiction
Trim Size: 5.25 x 7.5
Page Count: 72

Unicorns of the Secret Stable

There are unicorns behind Magic Moon Stable, but no one except Iris and Ruby know they exist. As Unicorn Guardians, it is their job to protect the unicorns and their magic to keep them safe from the outside world.

Book title LXL ATOS ISBN Price
Unicorns of the Secret Stable
(Set of 4)
520-600 NOT AR 978‑1‑63163‑388‑1 $19.96
Heartsong’s Missing Foal
570 NOT AR 978‑1‑63163‑392‑8 $4.99
The Red Key
520 NOT AR 978‑1‑63163‑396‑6 $4.99
Stolen Magic
570 NOT AR 978‑1‑63163‑400‑0 $4.99
Unicorn Uncovered
600 NOT AR 978‑1‑63163‑404‑8 $4.99

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