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Copyright: 2024
Reading Level: Grades 1-2
Interest Level: Grades 1–3
Dewey: 660
Trim Size: 7 x 9
Page Count: 24

Using Simple Machines

For thousands of years, six simple machines have helped people do amazing things. Each title in this informative series introduces young readers to one simple machine, describing how it works, how it helps people do jobs, and how it is used for fun. Each book also includes a “That’s Amazing!” special feature, several “Did You Know?” facts, a table of contents, quiz questions, a glossary, additional resources, and an index. This Focus Readers series is at the Pioneer level, aligned to reading levels of grades 1-2 and interest levels of grades 1-3.

Book title GRL ISBN Price
Using Simple Machines (Set of 6)
L 978-1-63739-653-7 $53.70
Inclined Planes All Around
L 978-1-63739-654-4 $8.95
Levers All Around
L 978-1-63739-655-1 $8.95
Pulleys All Around
L 978-1-63739-656-8 $8.95
Screws All Around
L 978-1-63739-657-5 $8.95
Wedges All Around
L 978-1-63739-658-2 $8.95
Wheels and Axles All Around
L 978-1-63739-659-9 $8.95

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